Tuesday, 21 December 2010

For some time now many online sites have offered Free Games to their users. Finally for the first time, you can get Minecraft 4 Free! Keep in mind this isn't a method to get a pirated version of the game or anything of the kind. You will get a Minecraft Paid account bought for you. The Creator (Notch) still gets paid for the purchase of the game. However you won't be the one who is paying for it - this site does!

Join the growing number of users to this site, in getting Minecraft completely Free and attainable in just a couple of hours!!!

So how does it work ?

Well, basically the site that you join will give you the options to complete certain offers. These offers will be worth points and as you gain points you will be able to spend them on certain things such as : Minecraft , Steam Games, Amazon gift cards, Game cards for various MMO's etc... 

What do I need to do in order to get Free Games ?

1. Sign up
Follow this   Link...
Once you are there you will need to register...

2. Earn some points To do this you will start by clicking on the "Get Points" tab

Click on "Available Offers"

Points can be traded in for prizes. 1 point on the site is worth $1 which you can use to request your game.

3. Complete some offers

Also remember that even though most of the time you'll get the points instantly some of the offers may take 5-10 minutes to credit you. So don't worry if you don't see the points just be patient and keep doing other offers, they will appear after a given time.

General tips for doing offers:

1. Delete cookies before every offer - This is the Most important rule.
2. Read the Offer description carefully so you know exactly what to do to get the points.
3. Complete offers with realistic information. Make a new email specifically just for survey's so that you don't receive any spam on your personal email address.
4. Let each page load completely

How to Claim your Game.

Minecraft Alpha version is around $13, so therefore you will require 13 Points on the prize site - this should take a couple of hours if you have followed the guide correctly. Once you have got your required points you can claim your prize - Follow the procedure below to see how to request it.

Make a New Account on Minecraft.net:
Go to Minecraft Homepage (http://www.minecraft.net/) and make a new account. You will be required to send your Username (only username) when you make a request on the Prize site. They will use your username to upgrade your account to Paid registration.

Click on Prizes:

Go to Page 5 in the Online Games Section from Prize List:
Go to page 5 and scroll down until you see Minecraft. Click below it where it says "Click here to claim this prize".

Confirm your request for Minecraft:
At this point, make sure you have already made a new account on Minecraft's main site. If you haven't made one already click HERE to Open a new window to the site.

Once you have your Minecraft free account ready, input your Minecraft username in the box provided on the prize site, as shown above. Double check your username making sure it is correct, as this will be the account which will be registered to paid version.
Then just click "Claim Prize" and that's it!

How to know when my Minecraft account has been upgraded to Paid?:
You will be notified on the prize site when your prize has been processed. Click on Prize Claims tab.
As soon as you have made your request it will say that your prize is "Pending". Once the Prize site has finalized your request the "Pending" notification will have changed to "Processed" as shown below. You can now download the latest version of Minecraft from their site and access it just like any other Paid user.

Have fun with Minecraft, obtained completely Free! If you have any questions join the forums where there are thousands of other Gamers, a fun Community and hundreds of Guides on doing Offers.